Mycorrhiza - FAQ

Mycorrhiza - FAQ

How do I claim my Steam key?

Once you've purchased the game on itch, you are able to claim your Steam key from your itch purchase. Check the following guides for more in-depth instructions:

I've already played the first and second door in the demo from last year. Is it worth replaying them in the full version?

Yes! There are new routes, fixes that enhance the player experience, audio upgrades and some writing adjustments that add to the full picture of the game. On top of that you can only unlock the final part of the game after playing through all the doors at least once! You can find more information on that topic over here: 

How can I play this game on MAC?

I have heard of three different workarounds for playing this game on MAC from three different testers. One of these should hopefully work for you!

1. Open the game. This should prompt a message saying this game isn’t secure. Go into your System Preferences, click Security & Privacy and on the very bottom, where it says that there is a file that is not secure, click Open Anyway. Another warning message will pop up, on which you can press Open. This should start the game.

2. Download the Ren'Py 7.5.1 SDK dmg over here:
Open the .dmg file (drive image) containing the Ren'Py SDK. Copy the renpy-7.4.4-sdk folder out of the drive image. Place the unpacked Mycorrhiza folder inside the renpy-7.5.1-sdk folder. Run, choose Mycorrhiza and click Launch.


How can I play this game on Linux?

Open the .sh file (

What is the difference between the normal and the NoGL2 version?

The NoGL2 version was made for computers that don't support the GL2 renderer. Animations that would have made use of the GL2 renderer don't execute or have been replaced.

The game crashes with a lot of gl2 related error messages.

Your might have to try the NoGL2 version, as your hardware might not be able to use the GL2 renderer.

How do I delete my saves and start the game fresh?

1. Go to "game/saves" inside the Mycorrhiza folder and delete everything in there.
2. Go to the "%APPDATA%/RenPy" (on Windows), "~/Library/RenPy/" (on Mac) or "~/.renpy/" (on Linux) directory and delete the respective Mycorrhiza folder (you might have multiple folders if you've played the demos. Feel free to delete them all).

I've encountered a bug, typo, the game lags and/or I would like to share my opinion on the game with you.

Feel free to fill out our feedback form!

I'm a journalist or content creator. Do you have screenshots or assets we could use when reporting on your game/creating content about your game?

Yes, you can check out our presskit!

Where can I get the soundtrack/Why is the soundtrack album not available on itch?

You can get the album for free/pay what you want on bandcamp!

Note that Bandcamp limits the amount of free downloads artists get to give away per month (200 free downloads). If this quote is used up you can download the soundtrack from Mediafire:

The reason why it's not on itch is that you can't provide any extras aside from demos for free on itch if the game itself is paid. This means that we need to use a separate site to offer the soundtrack for free.

How do I open the fourth drawer?

Follow our Devlogs and/or our Twitter and you will find out eventually!

How do you pronounce Mycorrhiza and Kejamhithe?

See our devlog post on how to pronounce Mycorrhiza and Kejamhithe:

What's the best way to contact you?

The easiest way to contact me, the game designer, is per e-mail (contact[at], on my personal Twitter (@FulminisIctus) or per the Mycorrhiza Twitter account (@MycorrhizaVN).

I made something cool Mycorrhiza related (for example fanart, a let's play, a fangame etc.). Do you want to see it?

Heck yeah! Tweet it at us @MycorrhizaVN!

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