Mycorrhiza Patch Notes

Patch Notes

You'll find patch notes for Mycorrhiza in this devlog. Bigger updates will also additionally receive their own devlog. Note that these patch notes contain spoilers, so view them only after you have finished the game! Press on the respective patch number to view its patch notes.

Ver. 1.1.0 (2022.09.30)

Door 1:
- Reduced the amount of shaking text during the dog CG to increase performance.
- Added variable declaration that disappeared, causing an error when you didn't pick up Fredrick's journal.
Door 3:
- Made the intro (the one at the very beginning of this door where you see a previous door CG fade in) unskippable to make it consistent with the other doors.
- Scott can now take food when entering the third room for the third time if Amy and Lanny aren't dead yet.
- Added achievements, which you can access by clicking the trophy icon on the Extra screen's PC interface. Myndows has thus been updated to version 3.1. Note that you can't get or access achievements in the game's demo.
- File archiving was reworked. Instead of there being one big archive file, we now have multiple small ones: Audio, Fonts, GUI, Images, Script and Videos. This should make updating and creating mods and fan translations easier.
- The download isn't split between win/linux and mac anymore. This increased the size of the game download only minimally but makes thinks a lot easier on our end.
- Added section when you start the game for the first time where you can choose between dyslexic and the default font and where you can set the volume of the music/ambiance and sfx before the game starts.
- Slightly changed the post-credit message to remove itch-only references, as the game is now out on Steam as well. Also added a line clarifying that the extras section has post-game content with additional info on the game's story.
- Fixed sound cues covering the CGs.

Ver. 1.0.1 (2022.08.19)

Door 1:
- Lanny sprite appears a bit later to coincide with the description of his appearance.
- Fixed Fredrick's difficulty telling left from right (mixed up his left and right arm in his notes).
Door 2:
- Adjusted a choice to make it clearer that it's about looking around the apartment and not the building.
Door 3:
- Fixed a typo.
- Scott can now spot the mother after having spoken to Lanny and Amy, even if he doesn't have food with him.
- You are now warned before you enter the fourth room for the last time.
- Small writing adjustment before Scott enters the hole in the fourth door.
- Minor addition to secret mode.
- Changed Shiranui to Cipher in credits.
- Removed broken Instagram link from missyozart's credits.
Edit 2022.08.21:
- Fixed small error in about section.
- Hid text box when Lanny was whistling in door 1.

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